Individually, we are different; together, we are Grady.

Our Mission

Founded in 1997,  the Grady High School Foundation supports the education and preparation for life of all students at Grady High School; encourages creative, caring, and energetic faculty and staff; enhances the physical setting and creates a community asset that fosters student development; and provides a conduit for friends to express their support for Grady High School.

2019-20 Chromebooks Campaign

Having chromebooks for every classroom gives teachers and students consistent access to a vast array of resources –simulations, digital textbooks, internet-without having to rely on students’ personal devices. Through apps like Flipgrid, for example, students can show their work on complex math problems and respond to teachers’ questions. This not only helps teachers see where students need to focus more of their energy to fully grasp the knowledge, it also gives students who may not be as confident in their abilities a chance to answer questions.

Teachers will also receive specialized training with integrating blended learning, combining face to face learning with digital learning. This prepares students for college and a future career. Very few jobs exist where Grady students won’t be required to use some sort of device.

– Dr. Betsy Bockman, Principal

Please help us provide more  Chromebooks to our students by donating to the Chromebook Campaign now.

The Grady HS Foundation is dedicated to preserving, maintaining and advancing the Grady legacy. To that end, the Foundation exists as a source of capital for improvements to the physical plant and the educational mission of the school and serves as a platform for alumni to maintain connections with each other and with the school.

The Foundation also provides stewardship for a generous bequest from the Boys High Alumni Association, maintaining three learning centers at Grady and supporting college scholarships.

– Rachel Spears, Board President